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Great activities for team building events

Come to THE FUN PALETTE and celebrate your birthday in an artistic and unique way that you will never forget! We are located in a luminous and colorful warehouse that is great for parties and events. We have added a new studio, on the second floor, with a total of 2000 sq feet, to give you new options for your event.


Team building event

Painting on Canvas

Plan a Team building  event that suits your group!

A great private party begins with a creative idea. Bring your friends, family, teammates, or co-workers to The Fun Palette and we’ll tailor an event that works perfectly for your group. Custom paintings are an option.

Choose from the following experiences:

BYOB Painting class:

Your party gets step-by-step instruction and everyone paints on their own canvas as the artist teaches either a custom painting or one from our library.

Mural painting:

This is a full-out collaborative effort where your guests create several paintings that can be hung on the wall to form a mural. People may work on various size canvases to create the final piece of art. Corporate groups can create a collaborative piece to display in the office. Also this idea works especially well for a baby shower or a bridal in which guests create a mural to be hung in the home.

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Glass fusion

Give your team a chance to bond while having fun and creating a memory!

Give your team a chance to bond while having fun and creating a memory!

Choose between Team Building: working on one project together in groups (consult with our staff); or Team Bonding: working side by side on individual projects.

​During your visit to our studio, your experience will begin with selecting your project size and shape. Studio staff will bring you a corresponding flat glass “canvas” and instruct you on how to construct a fused glass piece. Once they have walked you through how to work with the glass, the design is yours to create! Assistance and guidance will be available from their trained staff so don’t worry if you are inexperienced. Upon completion of your design, your project will be ready for pick-up in one week, after it has been fused and slumped (molded) into your selected shape. Projects are priced individually. Pre-cut kits are available. 

Price depends on projects. Starting point; $30 per person.