How do I register for a class?

Click the calendar link and pick the day you want. If you have a voucher, just go online and fill all the information required on the Voucher option. Our website is available to pay with any major credit card.


Do I need a reservation?

Yes, you should sign up online. You may call and check with us last minute but space is not guaranteed.

When are the classes held?

Click on the calendar to see our schedule for each week.

Do I need previous painting experience?

Not at all! Our artists give step-by-step instructions and the paintings chosen are not hard for beginners.

What should I wear to the classes?

Wear something comfortable you don’t mind getting dirty. We supply aprons, though, but accidents can always occur and paint is hard to wash off.

When do I need to arrive for the class?

It is recommended that you come 15 minutes before the class starts so you get yourself ready before the painting starts. We are starting on time!

Can I bring food?

Yes! You are allowed to bring drinks too. This is a BYOB class (Bring Your Own Booze)

Are classes only offered in the studio?

No, we are dedicated to fit your needs and are able to bring our supplies to the location of your choice.

Will I be able to take my painting home when it’s finished?

Yes! Our paint dries fast so it will be ready for you to take home on that same night.

How do I schedule a private party?

Check our website to pick a date and look at the variety of painting that we offer.

Parties tend to last two to three hours and there is a 10 person minimum for each party.
We are having a special deal this month Two hour parties cost $30 and 2.5hs cost $35. To reserve your space for a private party you need to pay a $150 as part of your payment.

Cancellation Policy: For party cancellations, notification is required prior to a week that the party is scheduled. If you don’t follow this policy, we will charge you a $150 cancellation fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancelation has to be made at least 24hs in advance. You may also change your reservation for a later date or switch your reservation to one of our other classes. This will only be allowed if you notify us of this change at least 24 hours before class starts.

If you fail to contact us about your cancellation or to notify us within 24 hours before class starts, you will lose your payment.

The cancellation policy listed above only applies to parties of 1-2 people. For larger parties, we require a week’s notice for rescheduling. No refunds only store credit.