After school ART program

The Fun Palette offers a great After school art program for kids from 5 to 14 years old.

Our success is to combine serious art and fun at the same time. More than 100 kids are coming every week to our studio to enjoy our different activities.

Find the option for you kid!



Our class program provides age-appropriate, fun and enriching art activities for children and youth. Art projects are based on themes and employ a variety of techniques and materials. Each class will explore a variety of techniques and materials to create artistic projects that stimulate the imagination. This year we are going to incorporate also different mediums and materials, besides painting on canvas, we are going to paint on glass, wood, and more… Also Pottery and Recycled art project will be alternate with Painting. The variety of dynamic project will encourage self-expression and develop skills for thinking out of the box and create 3D projects. No previous art experience is required for painting classes.

The classes are organized by sessions.  8 Class sessions (2 months) – One hour and a half class . $284 Materials included.

Monday  and  Thursday from 4PM to 5.30 PM . Age group: 5 – 13

Starting on August 22nd!

Go to calendar and register your kid selecting the week of your choice!


Photography is more popular than ever with young people! In this class, students will learn how to manually control their film cameras to make correct exposures. They will learn to develop their own b&w film and use Newspace’s Darkroom to print contact sheets of their negatives onto photographic paper. Then students will investigate Newspace’s Darkroom more creatively – learning techniques like how to use an enlarger, focusing, and tray chemistry.  As we have an amazing new enlarger that also works with phones, digital photography will be included in the workshop.


The classes are organized by sessions.  8 Class sessions (2 months) – One hour and a half class . $294 .  Materials included.

Tuesday from 4PM to 5.30 PM . Age group: 8 – 13

Starting on September 6th.

Paint Ceramics for Kids & adults

Paint a beautiful ceramic piece!

Starting on October we will offer an open studio every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm to come and paint ceramics.

Just register online choosing the Sunday that you want to attend in our calendar and come during those hours. At our studio you will choose your ceramics piece and our Art instructor will guide you how to create a beautiful piece.

. Painting fee: $8 and the ceramic pieces are from $6 to $ 25. Most of them around $12-$14. Kids 5 & up are welcome accompanied for an adult. Is not a drop off activity.

. This classes will be in the studio upstairs.


Go to the calendar and register online!
Great deal Kids party

Celebrate your kid's Birthday in an artistic and unique way

This month pay only $395 for 15 kids and choose from Painting on canvas or Ceramic painting.


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